Sebastien Seynaeve is a Belgian media artist. He studied an MA in digital media arts at Brighton University (2010-2011). His work explores the fields of video, film, electronic music and multi-media installations. Cinematic influences and electronic media are at the core of his artistic practice and inspiration. He has also been involved in a number of music projects, all of them related to electronic music. In addition to his artistic practise he also has strong skills in electronics and worked in the medical imaging field (2005-2008). In 2013 he started working for The Patching Zone in Rotterdam. This is a medialab that works closely together with students and cultural institutions. He composed the soundtrack for a mixed reality game and initiated a project with the purpose of reusing archive footage and creating opportunities to use these in a new context. This project was a close collaboration with the Dutch Fotomuseum. More recently in October 2017 Sebastien Seynaeve had an exhibition in Horta Museum during the Brussels Museums Nocturnes.